How to break free from the Matrix?
Turn on your creative mode!

International Workshop – Hungary, Budapest

Imagine how it would feel like to be able to create anything you have ever dreamed of – and not just temporarily (relationships, financial independence, freedom, etc).

Imagine how different your life would be?
What would happen, if you would reach this not with the (too) hard effort you surely tried before, but you would invite the things you want in your life with ease?
What dream would you manifest if you could recall the ability that has always been there, but you forgot?

Zsolt Szücs, Zsac, is a writer, trainer for 17 years, during that time his training carried him all over the world. He didn’t go to school and wasn’t part of the Matrix in the sense that he never worked as an employee. He is consciously creating and living his dreams since childhood.
Do you want to know how he does it?
During this 3 day workshop you can learn freedom – then create your own!

  • Are you lost?

  • Have you lost meaning?

  • Can’t find your place in the world?

  • Are you stuck, and don’t see the next step forward?

  • Are you living from one day to the next?

  • Do you feel you have a great business or job, have no financial problems, yet still find yourself unhappy?

  • Do you have everything, yet still feel lonely?

  • Would you like to break free from the hamster wheel?

If you answered any of these questions with a “yes” – this is your place, come to this training.

We offer you a very practical training, where you will find solutions to:

  • how can we break free of our obsessions?
  • how to free ourselves from wanting to guarantee everything
  • how to calm our anxieties
  • how to enter a mindset where anxiety cannot reach us – and how to stay there
  •  how to dissolve our unconscious patterns, our limiting programs…
  • how to get into a Creative Mode where we never have to fall back
  • into the limiting states
  • how to make this last…

On the first day of the workshop, you will get to know the structure of the Matrix, on the second day we will experience how we can bend it to our will and on the third day, we will see how we can be free of it, together! During the three days, we will solve impossible tasks!

Location and date

Hungary – Budapest
11-13 January, 2020

Participation fee:

120 EUR for 3 days


Criteria for application:

-Being 18 years, or older
-Good endurance

(We will have a lot of standing and moving exercises, so please take this seriously. The training is not for those who’s health condition doesn’t allow this)

You can register here:

In the subject field, please write: I want to get into Creation Mode!
Please write to us your name and contact information!

PayPal, or wire transfer


Wire transfer:
Beneficiary: Zsolt Andras Szuecs
IBAN: GB57 REVO 0099 7081 0280 00

It is not possible to pay at the training

Registration and payment deadline: 27th of December, 2019

We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee! if you are unsatisfied in the training, we will give you a full refund till the end of the second day!

A paid registration does not guarantee you can take part in the workshop! We need to guarantee the group’s interests and good mood, so if the organizers feel that this is not a good fit for someone, with a full refund of course, but the participant will be asked to find a training that suits him or her better.

The workshop is international and English speaking, so foreign guests are welcome!


Important information:

-What should you bring??

Your 3 most burning problems, and the goal you would like to make steps to!
(During the exercises we will work with everyone individually. We will use a special method that allows us to solve your unique problem without revealing all the sensitive details of your situation to everyone!)

– The workshop is not 2+1 days, but 2+ 1/2!
The second day finishes at dinner for those who only came for 2 days. We will say goodbye and continue the workshop with those who came for 3 days. The full three days if for those who are fully committed to change! Arrive well-rested, the second day will be especially long – but don’t plan any other activities for any other days of the workshop either.

The training doesn’t start when you enter the door. It starts when you decide to go, even if that brings financial challenges, especially, if the investment is larger then your monthly income. What is our best tip for those who definitely feel they want to come, but do not know how to create the money? Borrow money, and if at the end of the second day you still feel you want your money back, you will get a full refund! 

If you would like a workshop like this in your country, please contact us for further information here:


Tachyon Hungary Kft



+36 20 382 4000


Mogyoród, Hungary