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With the foundation of Tachyon Hungary Ltd., a long-cherished dream of a community has become a reality.

We have never thought that after a long time we will be given something even more… The path of our story and mission is worthy of a movie along with the depths and heights of the miracle itself. During our journey, we have experienced that if we let ourselves guided by higher guidance and we follow our heart, anything is possible for us and we can achieve anything.
Together – in Love.

We have created our business and healing center to provide Hungary, for the first time, with uniquely advanced technologies and services that improve the quality of our life.

We experience that our visitors ask for help more openly, as we have had similar experiences before, and this not only gives them more trust, but they also become much more open.
We have come to help and we help all those who are open to this. We know that by paying attention, with love, and using the right tools, we can help people find joy, harmony, physical and mental balance and well-being within themselves. We believe that through our practices, more and more people will be able to achieve a new quality of life, and develop a new life approach.
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