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We are dedicated to enhancing your experience on Earth.

Instead of focusing on aging & disease, Light Mandalas focuses on quality of life, health, and longevity. We realize that the only sensible approach is to keep the body, mind, heart, and spirit integrated and healthy so it resists all intruders and prevents decay and diseases. The principal is prevention. We invest our time and energy devising detailed and comprehensive tools for prevention through the process of psycho-physiological healing, using the Mandala tools to clear and harmonize life – emotionally, physically, mentally and psycho-spiritually.

Light Mandala

We bring you the technology to gently repair the body’s energetic and informational fields by nourishing and supporting it’s weaker aspects while correcting discordant energies. The pure sacred geometric resonant light is refracted through crystals.

Rainbow Star Light Mandala explores the interactions between the resonant geometric photon fields on the human energetic informational field.
The Mandala Scan is a tablet based evaluation tool, detecting the degrees of deviation between the user’s “Biomatrix Field” and “Libraries of Resonant Patterns”, such as Nutritional supplements, Essential oils, Flower essences, Crystals, Emotional, Mental and Energetic Issues, Allergies and Toxins.
Depending on the pattern from the library being scanned, resonant pulses are emitted. These pulses represent the library items underscan and receive feedback from the user. Measuring the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) along with your state of coherence, assess the appropriate resonances suitable for the user and creates a list of information “the result” of your Rainbow Mandala Scan. This is the compilation of the most important information you require to know to support and heal your body, mind & soul.

The compiled information will be sent to the Rainbow Light Mandala which then outputs the scanned healing resonances directly to the person for the intended Balancing Rainbow Light Mandala Effect.
In short, by analyzing the information carried by our biomatrix, the system finds the resonances that help bring body and soul into balance, unity, and harmony.


Sacred geometry is the sacred language and blueprint of creation, based on shape, form, wave, and vibration, from which the entire universe and all matter are formed. The science of sacred geometry can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, and continue to be studied in the modern science of fractals.
There is a new advanced healing technology which has been released by the Dragon Gate: the Mandala Sphere Laser System. Now the Dragon Gate has contacted our Phoenix Group, which is a small highly skilled team dedicated to bringing advanced healing technologies to humanity, to help to spread this technology among people.
The Rainbow Star Light Mandala is an amazing alternative relaxation tool for individuals desiring improved physical & emotional health, better mental performance, relief from electromagnetic frequency, pure Reiki healing energy, and of course sacred geometry frequencies for entering deep meditation.
Mandala Rainbow Star creates custom ambient atmospheres influencing moods and consciousness states through Brain Wave and Bio-field Entrainment.
The Rainbow Star “Library of Resonant Pattern” is capable of working on all these levels.
The Emotional Library helps people gain incredible relief from anxiety, depression, fear, panic attacks, traumatic events, addictions, phobias and much more.
Each session is customized to the Individual’s needs.
Testimony from Rainbow Star Mandala users shows beautiful shifts into a better, more positive State-of-Mind. This, in turn, allows for the body to heal from emotional stress….. and more.

How does a Light Mandala session take place?

We offer a complete, complex program consisting of: a scanning by a scanner, which scans not only the physical but also the etheric and astral body, examines the biometric imprints and develops an offer list to gently repair the body’s energetic and informational fields by nourishing and supporting it’s weaker aspects while correcting discordant energies. The Light Mandala uses a variety of colors, by means of light containing programmed laser codes of a duration, which is introduced into our being through a tachyonized crystal.

We do not treat the physical body or cure a disease or diagnose, but we create inner harmony and unity on a spiritual level that has a very positive effect on the body and the soul.

The other option is that the Light Mandala makes mapping and shows energetically what type of substances, trace elements, minerals, vitamins, etc. the person needs to take in the life situation they are in and what they should avoid if they want to help their body and soul.

It is also possible to detect what state the chakras are in and the Light Mandala performs chakra cleaning in a three-step process (cleaning, balancing, activating).
We can also create a custom laser code line according to the person’s current needs. We can help bring to life various hidden abilities, strengthen them; develop mental and physical protection and initiate processes that aid in physical and mental development.

Each session takes about 1-1.5-2 hours, depending on the person’s condition or what they want to focus on.


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