We would like to proudly announce the publishing of  The Pleiadian Tachyon Chamber book that includes an exclusive interview with COBRA. 


The book contains articles, interviews and experiences that can help you get closer to understanding how Tachyons work.

The goal of the Pleiadian Tachyon Chamber book is to introduce this magical technology more widely in the circles of the awakened members of mankind.

As we are slowly approaching the long-prophesied Golden Age, the Pleiadians have asked the core team at Phoenix Group to start distributing their healing technologies to humanity. In cooperation with the Pleiadians they have developed the Tachyon Chamber
which enables the arrival of tachyons from higher dimensions into physical matter. By them, this wonderful advanced technology is now available to all of us all over the world.

“The evidence is clear that Tachyon is the technology of the future. It offers the potential to evolve through chaos into new levels of order. It will elevate our consciousness and give us back the balance needed to experience the insights necessary for creating peace. The truth is Tachyon cannot change the world, but we as individuals can. It.s not too late. If each of us could find the place of love, peace and balance that Tachyon brings into our lives, we would change the world.”
The Healers Journal

The use of Tachyon not only presents a fully holistic model of healing, but a process by which all living beings can move towards radiant health and communion with All That Is.

“As a medical researcher and practitioner of orthopedic massage, yoga and aromatherapy, I have experienced many different devices, methods and tools for accessing higher consciousness and I can confidently say that nothing I have encountered has connected me to source as intimately and powerfully as the Tachyon Chamber.”
A., Scottsburg, Oregon

The Tachyon Chamber emanates the energy of Love as pure consciousness. It simply represents Oneness in Unconditional Love. This mystical technology, infused with Science and Spirituality is leading us to recognize the zero point within, in order to transcend body/mind/soul to a higher level of order.

“This is a fantastic device from our star brothers… Thank you to the Phoenix group and Cobra for installing it and making it possible for us to experience this… I feel that this is just the beginning. I can’t find words to describe what I felt in the chamber… the only words that are close are infinite love and gratitude. Something I was always searching for but didn’t find it. Until now. I am so grateful, grateful, grateful to you! Thank you”
P. J., Hungary


“The LOVE of the Sky. A very sacred energy came to my body ….a portal was opened and a lot of creatures were sending their LOVE to me. I was deeply touched …..It is now half an hour later and I am still crying and laughing at the same time..”
M., Germany


“The major benefit is it actually those tachyon chambers harmonize all levels of a human being, physical body, higher energy bodies and this technology is actually the one that can quite effectively connect us with the Source…I would say that it is the most important to try this technology with an open mind and let tachyons speak for themselves.“


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